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Mesh was born in 2016 but its roots began in the 50’s, when the grandfather of the founders, José Martins Barbosa, started to manufacture innovating machinery and tools for the jewellery industry.

After launching his own creation of jewellery, he developed new production technologies and techniques that were disruptive for that time.

Inheriting this vision and passion for jewellery, the 2 brothers, Tiago and João, belonging to the 3rd generation, realized that today's modern Woman desires focus on their individuality.

The opportunity was seized and the dream became a reality. A legacy that strengthens the identity of Mesh.


Mesh is a Porto-based jewellery brand. Pieces are designed for everyday wear and timeless individuality.

We seek inspiration with the latest trends - geometric lines, boho or ethnic style, nature or multiple sensations - to create unique pieces that complement the personality of each Woman. Our design is comfortable, modern and functional resulting in a look which is both simple and minimalist.

It's the ultimate compliment to your personal style and makes your office-to-cocktails transition all the much easier and stylish.


We Inspire and unite through our passion for style and culture. We want Women to be beautiful and confident, having easier access to trendy, delicate and high-quality jewellery. We believe high-quality jewellery can be affordable.

We are the producers of all our pieces, giving us the possibility to explore each day new horizons. Making meaningful and inspiring jewellery is the heartbeat of what we do.

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